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           Excellent corporate culture is the key to winning the competition of modern enterprises, is the business development strategy and management philosophy and concentrated essence.
     (A) to build "open, just and fair" employment mechanism, to create an "open, learning, professional" mainstream learning culture, is committed to continuously improve the professional level of employees.
     (B) to implement the corporate philosophy and culture : "institutional culture, risk culture, ethical culture, execution culture and performance culture".
     (C) adhering to the "steady progress, standardized operation, integrity management, prudent and efficient" business philosophy, dedicated to creating a stable and high level of value growth. Integrity is the cornerstone of the company a deep understanding of modern financial enterprises, the credibility of the company's most valuable intangible assets. Company to build a system of business integrity from all aspects of the business philosophy, management systems and corporate culture.
     (D) enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, so people-oriented, pro and excellent corporate culture deeply rooted faith, and employees together to enhance self-worth and the value of the company.